2016 Retrospective

EVOO Expo 2016

by Derek van der Riet, event organiser.

Derek van der Riet and Susan AirdThe first Swartland Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Expo was held at the Olive Boutique in Riebeek Kasteel this past Saturday, 12 November. It was a traditional trade show targeting the serious olive oil lover. For ‘olive techies’, there was a workshop on olive tree growing, olive oil tasting workshops and olive pressing/filtering equipment to view. For ‘foodies’, there was a market with a range of great Swartland award winning olive oils, gold award winning oils from neighbouring regions, cured olive products, local cheeses, charcuterie, sweets, breads and pastries for sale. Those ‘just wanting to chill’ could sit in the shade of the old oak tree and enjoy Johnny Ray unplugged while sipping Flagship Brew craft beer or Riebeek Cellars Short Street wines.

The showcase event was the multi-course 'Swartland Tasting Table' lunch prepared by chef Craig Cormack that featured olive oils, paired with traditional Swartland dishes. It was simply delicious. Plain pasta seasoned and drizzled with olive oil had us wishing for more!

The Olive Boutique would like to thank those extra virgin lovers who shared in this launch event and who generously invested their time to make it a success - to name a few:

Linda Costa, doyen of taste and first port of call on everything olive oil, skilled pairer of olive oils, master advisor on menus, influential door opener and maintainer of good cheer;

Nick Wilkinson (and Brenda), unconditional supporter, speech maker and champion of SA olive oils;

Carlo Costa, the olive growing guru. Laying the foundations for all of us to become good ‘olive neighbours’. The Boutique deck/classroom was in awe and a state of supplication;

Craig Cormack (and his team), celebrity chef, with very broad shoulders, who delivered on our theme ‘WOW I didn’t know you could do that with olive oil!’;

Andante, Cederberg Oil, Kloovenburg, Gabrielskloof, Rio Largo, all top, gold medal award-winning, South African 2016 Extra Virgin Olive Oils, thank you very much for joining us and making your oils available for our Swartland Tasting Table and market stalls - it was a privilege to have you stand with us;

Bernadetta Lami (Oliomio Agent and Olive Oil Pioneer) and Hazel Hennman (SA Olive tasting Panel member) - thank you for your invaluable support, mentorship and advice;

(and finally) Eben Sadie (Sadie Family Wines), Charl van Reenan (Lammershoek), Johan Symons (Fynbos Estate) and Rick McCrindle (Hillside Farm), our founding extra virgin lovers - thank you for your trust and commitment to this initiative (and your oils) – ‘nuf’ said.