EVOO Olive Oil Expo Riebeek Kasteel Swartland South Africa

Date to be announced for November 2017

The EVOO Expo is an annual event to celebrate the launch of the season’s Boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oils, held at the Olive Boutique in Riebeek Kasteel, in early November. Enthusiast Foodies, Olive Oil entrepreneurs and those food-based hospitality institutions (Hotels, Lodges, Guesthouses, Caterers, Restaurants) that wish to differentiate themselves by enhancing taste and flavour with local niche varieties of complimentary EVOO’s - make sure you don't miss this trendsetting, informative, leisurely and fun event in 2017.

A series of technical workshops and exhibits for those olive oil enthusiasts wishing to expand their industry / technical knowledge, showcase their olive oils, share tastes and experiences and those entrepreneurs wishing to enter the industry or grow existing olive oil businesses.

Tasting tables and displays to introduce selected new season 'Swartland boutique' EVOO’s to those Western Caper food based hospitality institutions that wish to differentiate themselves and enhance 'their food offers' taste and flavour with local niche varieties of complimentary olive oils.

Olives, cured olive products, olive oils and speciality Swartland / Mediterranean food stalls for those who wish to improve their knowledge of how to best use the health benefits that EVOO can offer; and to appreciate the enhanced taste and flavour it brings to their favourite dishes and cuisines.

"Johnny Ray and his Blues Band" will be entertaining guests throughout the day, whilst the Riebeek Cellars Short Street Pavement café will be offering wine tastings and selling wine, Flagship Brew will be serving up their craft beers and Beans about Coffee will be present for that java fix.

Why an Olive Oil Expo for entrepreneurs and small scale producers?

"Olive farming in South Africa is doubling in size every four to five years, making it one of the fastest growing agricultural segments in the country. There are a myriad of small growers and boutique style table olive and olive oil processors that add flavour and interest to the industry.

The concept of a focused annual Olive Oil Exposition, targeting business facilitation between these small businesses, entrepreneurs, supporting industries / service providers and the hospitality trade is now not only viable, it can play a role in industry growth, access and transformation”, says Derek van der Riet, co-owner of the Olive Boutique and driving force behind the EVOO Expo. "It will be an annual event celebrating the new seasons 'boutique' extra virgin olive oils."


Why in the Swartland?

We are in the process of forming a Boutique Swartland Olive Oil Producers collective to be known as the Swartland Extra Virgin Lovers. The coming together of a group of Swartland olive oil enthusiasts, making their own distinctive individual Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s, but making them to be part of, and to enhance, the West coasts culinary uniqueness. This group (with invited “boutique” regional exhibitors) will be the primary source of EVOO’s for the Expo.

EVOO Adjudication

Swartland Extra Virgin Lovers are not competing producers, adjudication of oils is not about which oil is the best. It is about positioning the oil, based on its “pungency”, in the category of application (baking, sautéing, drizzling or dipping), that it is best suited for, then dependent on its ‘flavour”, pairing it with the type of produce that it will best complement and enhance. You the consumer make the final decision about which oil is the best for you.

EVOO Swartland Tasting Table

The olive oil tasting and judging will be led by a renowned tasting judge, Linda Costa of Olives In Fact, in partnership with acclaimed chef Craig Cormack. The highlights of the Expo will be the Tasting Table where Linda and Craig will pair a selected range of Swartland Boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oils with local seasonal dipping produce, artisanal breads and West Coast seafood.

"For anyone wanting to safeguard their health and longevity, develop an income generating hobby or potential family business, differentiate their culinary offer within the hospitality trade, or just wanting to learn how to prepare good healthy meals and enhance the flavour of food, the Swartland Extra Virgin Olive Oil Expo is not to be missed."
Derek van der Riet, co-owner of the Olive Boutique.

For more information contact Derek van der Riet on 022 448 1368 or